Monday, March 6, 2017

Disclaimer - College Materials

To clarify my view on copyrights.

The purpose of the Self-Study Group - My-RealProperty1 &2 (now are for people who prefer to self-study.

In fact, it originated from the idea of studying from the materials gathered from PUBLIC DOMAIN - Internet as a form of E-Learning. So, it has been and will be the single most distinct feature of my work. I refrain from using college material which depletes the purpose of this entire effort. I always maintain the 4 rules on copyrights:

1. I don't profit from other people's work (meaning using college materials which are copyrighted)
2. I only charge for gathering information in one repository, and I don't encourage reselling it.
3. I give due respect to sources I quote in my work (name of author, publications, website, etc).
4. My-RealProperty1 & 2 are private blogs. is a paid membership site.

Unless you have signed up, it is only accessible for private readers only.

Inevitably, there are some people who joined this Self-Study Group to get "college materials". This might be their desperation to pass the Examination. However, they are advised to look for whatever materials on their own, in their private capacities.

I am here to offer help, but I cannot control and do not have any influence on the private matters of people in LPPEH Exam Self-Study Group. The WhatsApp Group is for discussion of examination matters. Other than that it is for sharing related property news. It is NEVER for sharing of college materials. So, if you are one of our members, please do observe copyrights.

Go and attend their classes instead. I have never discouraged anyone from taking up classes. On the contrary, I encourage those who have the means and time, to enrich yourselves by taking up part-time classes in colleges and universities.

To those who are in doubt of my purpose and why I am doing this free of charge, please contact me directly at my email:, or drop a comment in this blog.

Thank you.

Thomas Sim


JAYDEN YAP said...
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Unknown said...

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Need your guidance and access to your reading materials.
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