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On the study of Part I & II Estate Agent Examination of LPPEH, I have set up a PAID MEMBERSHIP SITE:


and for FREE QUESTIONS (Public) for all questions from 2011 to 2018 uploaded here!

and these blogs:

And, for the purpose of keeping a repository of questions, I have segregated them into:

For copyright reasons and issues of credibility, I am not opening up all the blogs for public.

Below were the various progresses on the posting of the blogs. The style is Q&A.


24.03.2019 - Completed the analysis for differences between MEAS 2018 (NEW) and MEAS 2014. Please go to to read the NEW STANDARD and the differences under Facebook Postings 2019.

04.03.2019 - 2018 Exam result OUT! The first time result is uploaded to

26.12.2018 - Renewal of PEA registration for 2019 and PEA Tag.

14.11.2018 - Finally completed justLetak! after months of trial and error with various Plugins.

24.09.2018 - Completed all 2018 Exam Questions with own answers. Published under Subscription Membership for EstateAgentExam.Com. Highlighted with Alert Notice and Popup Notification in website. Also installed Simple Banner on top of website.

02.09.2018 - Completed importing 2018 questions to Uploaded questions into Starting answering question in I won't update my-realproperty1 and my-realproperty2 blogs anymore.

16.08.2018 - Obtained registration as PEA2066 with Board on 07.08.2018. See below the search result in when you perform under "Search for Member".

14.03.2018 - Resumed as I have correct the faulty links. Spent much of February and March doing this repair. Left only last bit to clean and I will work on daily summary.

05.02.2018 - Received 2017 Part 2 results - PASSED 6/6!!!

29.01.2018 - Completed the migration of posts from My-RealProperty1 to! Many links within the posts are still routing back to the original blog. I need a long time to clean the links! However, that will be ongoing! Starting to invite all the My-RealProperty1 readers to migrate to the new website. And, to the interested followers, you can now subscribe to the new site!!!

12.12.2017 - 1.30pm to 2.00pm @ One World Hotel, Damansara City I was made known of the outcome of the redundancy package from Roche. Now, 6.00pm boarding flight AK5118 to BKI marks the start of my new Chapter in life. The future will be in Real Estate, no more pharmaceuticals. Say goodbye to 24 years of Roche!

21.10.2017 - Started learning SQL from Codecademy.

23.09.2017 - Completed past year 2017 & 2016 Part 1, minus Accounting paper. All 2011-2017 questions are all answered in Part 1 and 2 blogs. I will move on to other things in Oct 2017 till result is out in Feb, 2018.

27.08.2017 - Completed past year 2017 Part 2, which means Past Years 2011-2017 for Part 2 are answered in my-realproperty2. Held a meeting member session in Quizinn Foodcourt, NuSentral.

25.07.2017 - Completed uploading all 2017 Part 1 & 2 questions to blogs.

06.07.2017 - 3-5 Jul exam was completed yesterday! Overall, there is some likelihood of exam committee putting effort to make EAP (Practice) as more 'daily practice' related paper. In the previous exam, it was rather a 'Standard, Rules and Act' related paper. Sometimes, you could confuse between EAL and EAP. This is my personal opinion, of course. EAL is still conventional with Standard, Rules and Act, rather. Inevitably, it should ensure some adherence to scope of work of a REA within the law. This then makes the confidence level swing like a pendulum. On one side, it is better of as there is no right of wrong of a practice answer (without the confinement of Standard, Rules and Act), but on the other hand, you do not really know the full length essay you wrote is able to win you any marks! Probably, the liking of the examiner is subjective therefore, the feeling is still 50-50. Overall, I guess we just have to wait for the result in Feb, 2018 to know if that is true!!!

26.06.2017 - 27 (20 in part 1; 7 in part 2) out of 117 people will be sitting for this year exam 1 week from today. This represents 23% of the group.

11.06.2017 - Blogger for private readership has hit the maximum limit at 115! Accordingly to Blogger, it only allows 100 private readership to ensure no server overload. The last reader being SawGK. I need to look into other solution to overcome this problem.

14.05.2017 - Completed all past years of Part 2, 2011-2016. Total of 24 out of 111 people sitting for exam in 2017 Jul 3-5. There are 6 in Part 2 and 18 in Part 1.

03.05.2017 - total of 108 people in the study group. 10 of them are pursuing various stages of the exam scheduled to be held on 3-5 July, 2017.

16.04.2017 - The study group started 29 Jan, 2015 and as of today we have 100 of us in the LPPEH Self-Study Group. I have also completed all past year questions 2011-2016 for Part 2, last being 2011 D10 Law Relating to Property. This is in The numbers of Q&A in Part 2 = 487 posts; Part 1 = 728 posts. Total postings = 1,215 posts! Only 2016 Part 1 I have not answered. 7 of us in Part 2 and 3 of us should have passed all written exam and practicing as PEA from 2017 March.

03.04.2017 - First inquiry by Messenger! I have started my-realestateforum as a 'page' under Facebook - 27 Dec, 2015. It had been more than a year and just yesterday I received an inquiry via Messenger to ask about studying for Estate Agent's Exam. This is encouraging as I never expected much from the FB page. May be there should be more activities done on the FB to promote this mode of study now. As of now, there are 93 members in the Self-Study Group.

06.03.2017 - Disclaimer - College Materials*

27.02.2017 - Completed Real Estate Agency Practice Past Year 2011-2016. To start EAL next month. Need to complete EAL and LRP by End April. Leaving May, June and July for revision.

03.02.2017 - Result out for D02 Introduction to Law, I have passed!!!

2017 moving on to Part 2.

01.01.2017 - Completed D07 Land Eco, D09 Valuation and D12 BT2 for 2011-2016.

10.08.2016 - Uploaded 2016 Part 1 Questions into My-RealProperty1.

03.08.2016 - Exam the 3rd attempt for D02 Intro to Law. Looks like easier questions as 2 out of five questions were narrative questions, standard answers - no wrong no right, like Separation of Power, The Constitution, Legislative and Subsidiary. 2 out of 8 questions were classical contract questions like validity of contract, elements of contract. 1 was standard arbitration question and the rest are agency and tort. Agency was about creation, not sure how much is enough to write. The tort case was about negligence in real estate industry. So, I believe the examiner wants to see some real life examples to see application on knowledge in practice.

05.06.2016 - Updated on MIA QE 2015/9 and 2016/3 questions. The blog touched 640 Q&A postings with 190 D02 Intro to Law posts.

16.05.2016 - Listened to Josh Teng of NEXT Academy in a Webinar - "How Coding can turn your business idea into reality". It confirmed that 'dive into the codes' would be the only feasible way to head on with our biz structure where iT is our platform to run this network. It has confirmed the direction of having exploratory group to work out the tech part for My-Index, My-Tasks and My-Space, putting a timeline of 2 years from NOW - Mid 2018.

08.03.2016 - LPPEH Part 1 2015 results received by mail! Pass 1 failed 1!!! Cannot tahan! Law D02 is really tough! Delay of plan to take Part 2 already - this August, will sit for D02 Law the third time!!! See below:

03.03.2016 - SPM results were announced! Our results also were reaching candidates by mail. I have yet to receive mine, probably due to delay in postal service to my area. It looks like most of our members in the WhatsApp group had good passes, although some had subjects like Law and Marketing being killers!

14.02.2016 - Still doing Android Studio learning, temporarily put aside My-RealProperty2 for a while now. To speed up Android Studio with some Tutorials. Able to emulate to AVD - my ASUS Zenfone 2 for a start - meaning most of the setup procedures are correct!

10.02.2016 - Marking the starting point! The Android Developer site - is a very good resource for learning Android Studio. The workflow of building an Android App is schematic as below. I have completed the first part - Setup!

Go here to read more (My-eKerja!) about my journey in learning Android Studio all by myself - E-Self Learning!

05.02.2016 - Trying to start Android Studio by using Gerber & Graig, Learn Android Studio - Build Android Apps Quickly and Effectively (PDF file downloaded from the Internet). January was a busy month with Office Meeting. It is time now to restart the learning of LPPEH exam and IT Project. This weekend will be Chinese New Year eve, so will block out time for study.

03.01.2016 - Back to blogging as completed renovation of apartment which took vigorous attention for more than a month. Still no results, so embarking the journey to Part 2 starting with 2015 D07 Land Economics.

12.11.2015 - Trying out Android Studio for building an Application for Comparative Indices. Java requires setup of JAVA SE DEVELOPMENT KIT, latest version 8 update 65, jdk-8u65-windows-i586.exe forWindows x86. As I am running on x32 bit Laptop - don't know why don't write x32 but wrote as x86, I cannot use x64, so I checked out that x86 is x32! Now setting up ... and YES! Successful!

Having installed JAVA SE DEVELOPMENT KIT the Android Studio setup then proceeds with quite a bit of time (android-studio-bundle-141.2343393-windows files are big - 1.16GB). I have never seen such a big file apart from Windows OS! May be some games application are bigger (like graphic files from DVD).

Setup Android Studio:

And, it is done!

How the graphic inter-phase looks like:

08.11.2015 - For the first time, 4 members were signed up in one week! From Nov, 2015 four new associates joined me in the self study system! What a big lap forward!

09.10.2015 - Completed importing all 2015 Part 2 questions into My-RealProperty1 and My-RealEstateForum.

03.10.2015 - Managed to get 2015 Part 2 questions from LPPEH at RM25 through a friend in KL. He got his daughter to visit LPPEH in order to buy the question papers. Big THANKS to David!

28.09.2015 - Completed all Past Year 2015 Part 1 except Accounting. Updated the links and transferred latest posts from MY-RealProperty1 to justProperty1. Hence, justProperty1 is updated to be mirror site of MY-RealProperty1.

16.09.2015 - Malaysia Day! Completed 2015 D02 Law questions.

11 Sep, 2015 - started doing 2015 Part I past year questions.

10 Sep, 2015 - started to send 'invites' to readers of justProperty1. Documented the incidence of My-RealProperty1 being deleted here. LATEST! My-RealProperty1 has been RESTORED! Evening of 10th Sept, 2015.

09 Sep, 2015 - reset links in justProperty1, completed links in Past Years 2011-2014 and MIA QE BCL. Discovered the backup restored to justProperty1 did not complete on MIA QE 2013-15. Hence, sorted out these outstanding questions without referring to model answers. Will copy and paste the model answers later on. MY-RealProperty1 still not restored.

08 Sep, 2015 - big quarrel and decided to move out by year end! Release myself from all these nonsense!

31 Aug, 2015 - set up My-RealEstateForum for my associates, hoping to have a platform of communication for Real Estate Professionals. has been reinstated.

29 Aug, 2015 - set up mirror blogs for My-RealProperty1&2, called justProperty1&2. Managed to restore all My-RealProperty1 content into justProperty1. This would mean to work on justProperty1 and expand it to include suggestions by my associates.

26 Aug, 2015 - due to repeated uploads of 2015 Part 1 questions into various blogs (including My-RealProperty1), Blogger has detected these uploads as 'SPAM' and hence deleted 10 of my blogs. This response from Blogger deleted the most crucial My-RealProperty1! In the same morning - 25 Aug 2015 - I had appealed for a review and hopefully able to 'undelete' the My-RealProperty1 blog. See below screen capture:

23 Aug, 2015 - typed out the 2015 Part I Past Year Questions and imported to the blogs. Awaiting to get Part II Questions.

20 Aug, 2015 - realigned all blogs of question banks to my friends (allow me to call them associates) so as to pass over the authorship and ownership to them. For those who has been with me since last year (two of the ladies), I did not offer this mode of passing over because I did not know how then. Now, I give the ownership to you. Read here - 'Duo Authors / Admins in Blogger Postings' on how to do it!

19 Aug, 2015 - what a relief that both Tax and Law exam are over. The experience is some what peculiar, like there is newer question style for the exam papers. When I inquire from the helpful exam modulator, he said likely from a new committee of BOVAEA who decide for a change.

14 Aug, 2015 - finally completed all MIA QE Business and Company Law past years from 2008/3 to 2015/3. This consists of 30 long questions (usually 5 sub-questions) as MIA QE (Degree) is of higher level than LPPEH RE (Diploma). This is very good source of material for Contracts and Agency Law. I leave the partnership and company laws unanswered as they are outside LPPEH D02 syllabus.

11 Aug, 2015 - one week to go for the exam on 18 - 20 Aug, 2015. I find that MIA QE model answers for BCL (Business and Company Law) very useful. The style of questions is similar and thus answers appropriate for LPPEH law papers. At times, I do share the same feeling that what we need is concise answers. However, for beginners, this would be too short. Therefore, my answers in the My-RealProperty1 & 2 blogs tend to be long for easy understanding. At time for crash-course or revision, you must do your own short notes so as to memorize better.

17 Jul, 2015 - Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Completed importing MIA QE BCL (Business and Company Law) Questions on Contracts and Agency 2008 to 2015. Because there are two exams per year, thus total of 4 questions per year. Total of 30 questions. Will try to complete full answers with reference to model answers provided by MIA. Contract and agency questions are similar to D02 Intro to Law.

07 Jul, 2015 - Examination date has been fixed on 18-20 August, 2015.

27 Jun, 2015 - included a page on 'My Reading List' for the textbooks and references I used in Part I and Part II of the LPPEH Exam.

16 Jun, 2015 - completed Exam Question prediction for both D02 Law and D04 Tax for 2015.

14 Jun, 2015 - set up Examination Prediction probably now two months ahead of exam. This section will have prediction of examination question as an ongoing effort in the future. It is going to be in series, e.g. Series D02 1/6 - Question 5; Arbitration. This means Series of prediction for questions in Introduction to Law (code D02), 1/6 is first of 6 and Question No 5 in the examination paper; and the topic 'Arbitration'.

01 Jun, 2015 - start new life with my ASUS Zenfone 2. After two days of torture with issues of unable to reboot the phone, finally it got OK with the removal of the SD Card. It also completed the system update, and installed all applications except FB.

26 May, 2015 - two months have passed without posting my progress! The exam is likely Mid of August, 2015. A new addition of associate from Penang joined our study group. As time is tight, you get to read the answers straight away as I have assign readership to all for

27 Mar, 2015 - my results are out! See below:

13 Mar, 2015 - Completed posting of 'Marketing Plan for a Realtor' which consists of 8 parts. I took more than a week to put all 8 parts together. Intentionally, I left the budget portion out as the costing section would be different when come the time for launch. To start doing Q&A for Land Econ.

12 Mar, 2015 - I have not received the results yet! The Board said it will be out by end of March, hopefully. Meantime, I'm working on Marketing Plan for a Realtor. This is a complete analysis of Real Property Market in Malaysia, and as it is like a Thesis, I've to break it down to 8 parts. The parts are: 0. Introduction, 1. Demography, 2. Supply, 3. Demand, 4. Historical Transactions, 5. Competitor Analysis, 6. Strategies and Action Plans, 7. Control and Implementation. Currently, I'm at part 6.

23 Feb, 2015 - Completely imported all questions for Part II to the Blog. In fact, some Building Tech II questions are from Building Tech I. No wonder there is a need to combine the two into 1 paper in the future. and question bank fully completed. Saved the XML file.

17 Feb, 2015 - Submitted CKHT2A to LHDN. I have come out with a "Guide to beginners of Stage 1-LPPEH Question Bank Posting and Comment" to help those who are new to Blogger. Inevitably, using Blogger to blog and learn is a learning curve. However, I find it greatly enhances learning and retains knowledge.

16 Feb, 2015 - It is coming to 60 days period for me to submit CKHT2A to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN). By 19 Feb, 2015 the 60 days period will be over, and my lawyer has not remitted 2% of the consideration to LHDN as part of the RPGT requirement. The law is such that buyer of a property has to retain a sum of 2% (2014 and earlier, 3% starting 2015) from the selling price to be paid to LHDN. Failing so, the buyer is subjected to a fine of 10% of the RPGT payable by the vendor (seller). The law is being 'demanding' that in order to pressure seller to pay up RPGT, the otherwise innocent 'buyer' is subjected to this harsh treatment. So, how can law be 'fair' ? Law is designed to work for the bigger 'ENDS' that is the collection of taxes for the government.

08 Feb, 2015 - Managed to insert all Part II questions for 2013 and 2014 during the weekend. There are some repeat questions in the two years, hence it is important to study those repeats so as to target the 2015 exam.

04 Feb, 2015 - Created two learning blogs for my friends. These blogs are designed with syllabus and questions of Estate Agent Examination of LPPEH from 2011 to 2014. I have assigned to them for working on the questions and post it as "Private - Only blog authors".

02 Feb, 2015 - I have created and inserted 2011 and 2012 past year questions without answers. For Part II, I have also created in the similar manner. These two blogs are for questions only and the main purpose is to keep a question bank so as to assist my associates to study without looking at the answers. At the meantime, I am starting to complete Part II questions. XML file saved.

30 Jan, 2015 - Roche National Convention (RNC 2015), Saujana Kuala Lumpur. On the returning day, I have completed all Past Years on Building Technology I for 2013. This marks the end of all Building Technology I questions for 4 years from 2011 to 2014. I have still left some past years on Accounting and Intro to Law. If the Stage 1 results are out now, I would pass on this task to my other associates to complete the question bank.

24 Jan, 2015 - Removed the 'Disable Copy & Paste' java script to enable website applications.

17 Jan, 2015 - Completed all past years for Marketing 2011 to 2014. Still left Introduction to Law and Principles of Accounting not completed. Results of Part I examination Aug, 2014 should have been out by now. I have not yet received the results by post. The LPPEH telephone line had been busy for the last 2 days!

01 Jan, 2015 - Happy New Year 2015! Finally completed all the Taxation questions! It has been two months (Nov and Dec) since I started dwelling in Taxation questions. This subject has been the worst for me in the Aug, 2014 Part 1 examination - on Stamp Duty and Real Property Gains Tax. I hope I can pass and no need to revisit this topic again! There is still some past years on Part 1 I have not updated in the My-RealProperty1 blog, but the new year is supposed to mean Part 2 for me! Here I come!

18th Oct, 2013 - the birth of RealTanah! Now renamed to My-RealProperty1&2.

Adjusted time zone setting to correct time and date.

key features of the blog is finally in place. Detail verbatim of the Syllabus is imported into the pages.

I have set up this progress section for tracking the activities I have carried out in building this blog. As the date of blog creation was 19th October, 2013 (SAT), with the first post "An attempt to be REAL!", today a week has past and I have achieved 99% and ready to start putting in the Q&A section.

Below is the timeline of my activities:

19 Oct, 2013 - Creation of "realTanah!" (now, "MY-RealProperty") blog and first post "An attempt to be REAL!" stating my purpose for this blog.

20 Oct, 2013 - Posted in brief the syllabus framework for the entire examination.

21 Oct, 2013 - Started importing detail syllabus from the Rules & Guidelines for Part I & Part II Estate Agent Examination, Malaysia issued by LPPEH.

24 Oct, 2013 - Finished importing detail syllabus from the above Rules & Guidelines Booklet.

27 Oct, 2013 - Key (99%) of the framework of the blog has been put in place. Time to start posting!

09 Nov, 2013 - Had been down with asthma and bronchitis for 10 days (since 30 Oct, 2013)! Peculiar eye twitching! Some pain at the duodenum area which I suspect is bile duct inflammation. However, my annual health check revealed no abnormalities with Liver Function, Chest X-ray or Ultra-sound Abdomen. Hence, suspicion emerged from my cholesterol lowering agent - atrovastatin which I have used over a year. Side effects from the package insert included Bronchitis, Asthma, Myasthenia. With consultation to Cardiologist, he did not think so - of course, he cannot negatively comment on statin which is all their career in lipid lowering. On the other hand, side effects of atrovastatin I have heard from others included Memory Loss, Slurring in speech and Insomnia. All those I had complained to my wife! I have thus, stopped taking atrovastatin from 3rd of Nov, 2013. Eye twitching has stopped today! Pain at bile duct had gone away, and general health had improved. Sadly, I have lost about 1.8kg! Steroid 30mg for 4 days had indeed improved my asthma. For a while, I am going to build up my body, and slow with this website updating. I hope that it will not delay my progress for the examination in July, 2014.

11 Dec, 2013 - A month of busy time with renovation of two units of apartments. Towards end of Nov, 2013 we finished the jobs and rented them out! Hence, for three weeks since I recovered from illness, during weekends we had to sacrifice our free times for touching up the apartments, painting the door, fixing water heaters, doing up the waterproofing of the bathrooms and showing them to potential tenants. $$ spent! Nonetheless, we are happy that we succeeded in renting them out with reasonable monthly rental near RM1k per month (Returns of 6.5% and 5.8%). Thereafter, I took a week off, getting lazy and making mini-progress with myrioskin in an attempt to use heavier material for sewing. Only today I am resuming two posts on Intro to Law, particularly on subject of The Constitution Supremacy.

12 Dec, 2013 - posted 6 questions on the subject of 'The Constitution'. The lengthy one was the historical influence of independence on The Constitution, which can be complicated. I hope I have made it as easy to remember as possible.

16-20 Dec, 2013 - Relative from Singapore visited 4 days! Grandpa on wife side passed away and funeral on 20 Dec, and wife got sick (vomited repeatedly on 16 and 19 Dec evening) 20 Dec, 2013 whole day in Accident & Emergency Unit, Hospital Umum Sarawak. Initially suspected of food poisoning, and later on hypothyroidism, and anemia 7.7g Hb. Got better with dyspepsia controlled by omeprazole and increased dose of thyroxine 50-75mcg OD. Thyroid Function test was within normal range, although DrChew said T3 is on the low side. Hypothyroidism caused the indigestion and hence dyspepsia and vomiting. Anemia caused more fatigue and headache as well as hyperventilation. All that got worse with hypothyroidism. Advised to undergo OGDS, although ultrasound showed no obstruction of bile duct or gall bladder stone. One good news was Jason got 8As in PMR and was selected to receive Special Certificate "Cemerlang" from the State Education Head Quarter on 19 Dec, 2013. He was one of the 5 selected from Green Road, out of a total of 98 from various part of the state.

25 Dec, 2013 - Merry Christmas! Sighhh, only to resume learning after all the episode above. To continue with Intro to Law.

02 Jan, 2014 - Happy New Year! Took some time to work on Islamic Law and Taxation (Zakat) recently. This part has been more Internet searching than earlier on - which was more verbatim from books.

12 Feb, 2014 - January had been a company month with SIM and Dinner at KL Menara KL. At the same time, I was able to obtain a text book on land law - Principles of Malaysian Land Law. The other two books I bought were for Valuation (Teori dan Amalan Penilaian Harta Tanah) by Ismail Omar and Investment in real estate (Prinsip-Prinsip Pelaburan Harta Tanah) by Ismail Omar, Shahrom MD Ariffin & Mazlan Ismail. All are local references, published by IIUM and UTM lecturers. Started back posting on subjects of Valuation and Easement.

14 Feb, 2014 - Worked on Lease, Tenancies and Security Dealings. Great achievement in recent time as I have posted more 10 Q&As on Easement, Lease, Tenancies and Security Dealings. Today is Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine! Trying to finish all land law related matter by February!

17 Mar, 2014 - Attempted to read Economics. So posted on two topics on principles of economics.

07 Apr, 2014 - Found two articles written on Building Maintenance. The laws are Strata Titles Act and Building and Common Properties (Maintenance & Management) Act relating to Commissioner of Buildings, the Joint Management Body (JMB) and the Joint Management Committee (JMC).

Apr - 22 Jul, 2014 - concentrated on Economics, Building I and Marketing. Completed 2011 past year questions for economics, building I and marketing.

22 Jul, 2014 - finally embarked on Intro to Law past year questions. It is different from book on 'A first look at the Malaysian Legal System'. It has more contract laws and agency practice rather than the court system in Malaysia. Indeed, Intro to Law paper is more for "intro to contract, estate agency law" rather than the conventional intro to law.

02 Aug, 2014 - Saturday, with curiosity I called up an agent yesterday evening to view a shoplot advertised for sale in (Grd and 1st Flr) on strata titles in MJC Batu Kawah New Township. On the spot, my wife and I expressed our interest to buy the ground floor shoplot at RM4xx,xxx. The 1st floor was going at RM2xx,xxx, and we thought we could not afford the two and furthermore, the 1st floor is two units of shops away. Even if we wanted to put an internal staircases, it was impossible.

03 Aug, 2014 - Sunday, we agreed with the vendors for purchase of the shoplot. A deposit of RM10k was paid as consideration, with two parties (myself and wife) as buyer, and themselves (two directors who represented the company) as seller, witnessed by a negotiator who is registered with an Estate Agency Firm. We managed to get a discount of RM5k. Knowing that it was a fair market value (now thinking about it, a lower than market value), we did not hesitate to seal the deal. With GST to be imposed Apr 2015, all commercial property transactions will subject to 6% GST payable by buyer, therefore it is better to buy commercial properties before this GST hike! The similar price bracket, I will need an extra RM2x,xxx on GST if purchased next April, 2015.

05 Aug, 2014 - Tuesday, we signed the agreement letter by the Estate Agency Firm. The vendors also signed the next day. We had 30 days to get an offer letter from bank to finance the sum (80%) and upon initiating the SPA, the remaining 10% of the proceed of sale. This would be nearing RM4x,xxx - RM10,000 = RM3x,xxx.

06-11 Aug, 2014 - sorting out loan applications to three banks. Payslips for last 6 months (self), 3 months (wife), KWSP records for current and last year, bank statements for last 3 months, and as I had a rental income from Pandan Villa Condo, it was included with 3 months bank statement as proof. Only properly rented out premises with stamping done (stamp duty paid) is considered valid and admissible by bank.

15 Aug, 2014 - the last 3 days (12-14) were both exhausting and exhilarating in the mind as well as body! 6 subjects of Part I over 3 days, morning to noon (9:00-12:00) for the 3 x 3 hr papers - Accountings, Intro to Law and Economics; afternoon 2:00-4:00 for the 3 x 2 hr papers - Taxation, Marketing and Building Tech I. I lost 1.5kg over a week! The writing hurt too! Neck and shoulder muscles were tensed and aching in pain after the second day! Fingers were like foreign bodies! Hopefully all the effort I have put in bear fruits and need not to re-sit any Part I paper anymore. Of all, I must say this method of study - using blog on past year questions, has been very effective!
* One thing for sure, study the past year questions!

16 Aug, 2014 - while waiting for Part I results, I would complete the Part I past year 2014 for the time being before I clear off all the books! Thereafter, my plan is to insert them into a booklet format for future use. I such endeavor, I may need a lot of editing to comply the reference in the correct format, citation and order. I really need to relook into how the website/blogspot posting can compliment the hardcopy.

18 Aug, 2014 - our regular bank officer came back with offer of 85% loan, 24 years loan repayment duration, BLR-2.2, and MRTA of 15 years at RM17,079.

25 Aug, 2014 - nearly 2 weeks have passed since starting of Exam on 12 Aug. We decided to initiate the SPA without waiting for the vendors' choice of lawyer. As we know that property price appreciate over time, and legal process can take a long time, it would be detrimental to buyer if seller eventually fall out of the agreement. There might be third party who would offer a higher price, and seller default to this third party buyer profiteering from it even after paying off the penalties. Hence, we decided to go ahead paying for the 10% of the shoplot and proceed to initiating the SPA signing by appointing the solicitor recommended by the estate agency firm. Amidst, the bank also said the offer for loan was ready to be issued to us and it merely require us to say 'yes'. Now, the ball is in the seller's court. Hopefully, the transaction for the purchase of shoplot is smooth. This will be the future work place for my agency.

27 Aug, 2014 - bank offer letter was faxed to the lawyer this morning! The sum of money for 10% has also been cleared to the solicitor's account. Confirmed received bank letter of offer from solicitor's office, got a quote on the SPA and Loan Agreement Legal Fees, inclusive of stamp duty, RM9k to RM10k (eventually turned out to be RM11k+ including the valuation fee of RM950)! Now, with things all settled, sit down and wait for the solicitor to prepare SPA, both side to sign, and release of loan, and obtaining the transfer of title from the seller's solicitor. SPA was eventually stamped on 19 Dec, 2014 - much delayed due to the signatures of the Directors of MJC in KL - 3.5 months later!

28 Aug, 2014 - I started back on Building Tech I past year question for 2012. Most questions were coincidentally not repeated in 2014 exam. I was extremely lucky to have omitted studying for 2012 questions.

31 Aug, 2014 - National Day for Malaysia, and also the birth of My-RealProperty2. This is to separate Part I from Part II of the Estate Agent Examination so that those in Part I are not distracted from the subjects in Part II. It is also my intention to separate the two in order to have better control and mitigate the risk of being shut down or lost of site due to hacking.

05 Sep, 2014 - I have managed to complete all past year questions for Building Tech I 2012, hence completed all past year questions for Part I both for year 2011 and 2012. As I have just sat for examination 2014 last month 12-14 Aug, 2014, I will try to complete the 2014 past year question next. I will not be doing the 2013 past year questions if I get the Part I result by Nov, 2014. This means I have 2 months to complete the 2014 past year questions.

12 Sep, 2014 - I have completed 2014 paper on Building Tech I as of this afternoon. Hence, I will move forward to Intro to Law in the next few days, making use of the holiday on 16 Sep, which is Malaysia Day.

13 Sep, 2014 - Inserted all 2011 and 2012 questions for Land Economics into My-RealProperty2.

20 Sep, 2014 - Established "My-RealEstateForum" as a single Blog for all Part I and II materials. However, My-RealEstateForum will not be used for teaching or circulation. It only serves as a repository for all the resources. My intention is to reserve it for future use as a consultancy forum.

05 Oct, 2014 - Installed javascripts "Disable Right Click" in all my blogs in order to prevent content theft. There are two ways to do this. One is by "Disable Right Click" and another is "Disable Copy and Paste" javascripts. To install this javascripts, go to 'Layout', choose 'Add a Gadget' and choose 'HTML/Javascript', and paste it into the content. Copy the javascript from the internet search 'Disable ..." Therefore, all my three blogs, My-RealProperty1 & 2 as well as My-RealEstateForum are disabled the 'right hand click' or highlight-select-save-as function, and thus cannot 'save' whatever highlighted text as selected over the mouse.

14 Oct, 2014 - After months of contemplating on how to get the past year questions for 2013 and 2014, I finally got an opportunity to go to LPPEH at Menara UOA, Bangsar during my training in KL. Through a convoluted journey, I managed to buy the Past Year questions for 2013 Part 1 (RM25 for each part) & Part 2, and 2014 Part 2, having paid a total of RM75.00. As I have set for 2014 Part 1 this year, I already have the question bank for 2014 Part 1. Hence, I have all past year questions from 2011 to 2014, both Part 1 & 2. This will be my 4 years analysis for the examination 2015 Part 2, if I ever clear my Part 1 this year! At the mean time, I was able to get two books - Land Law (2013 & 2014) Wilkie, Luxton & Malcolm - RM59.90 and Management Corporations in Malaysia (2013) Willis - RM80.00 from MPH, Mid Valley.

21 Oct, 2014 - Deliberating whether to include the 'Year' label for some time, I finally started segregating the questions into the respective years (on the top left), starting from D03 Principles of Economics 2014. I hope this will make the search for the questions easier, and augment the analysis of past year questions. So, the blog will have browsing by topics or years.

25 Oct, 2014 - 46 years of lung breathing, 46 years + 9 months of heart beats. Today is my birthday. And, I have discovered some missing bits of the past year questions on Taxation. Hence, I have decided to type out all the questions first before solving them. Starting with 2011...

17 Nov, 2014 - Completed all past year questions 2011-2014 for Principles of Economics D03. Updated My-RealEstateForum to include all the questions and done it the next day! Yeah!

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ke said...

hi, i'm interest in self studying the LPPEH. Is there any chance to share the course material? Thanks.

Unknown said...

me too.. how do the sharing scheme works?

Thomas Sim Yan Sun said...

The blog with answers can be made available to you if you agree to keep it to yourself. The questions for you is in the right menu bar, please answer them so as to get to know you. The last I ask for is a hand phone No. for WhatsApp.

Toh said...

Hi thomas, i was stuck inside Introductuo to LAW D02, would you mind share your question with answer to me, this would be only for myself .

Thomas Sim Yan Sun said...

Hi, Toh,

Only happen to see you comment now. Could you give me you gmail email address?

I am afraid it is much too short the time to do D02 now even with my sets of Q&A.

Unknown said...

HI, Im Varna. I would like to self studying LPPEH. n Im still a college student stdyng for Diploma In Accounting.

Unknown said...

Would it be possible to grand me the access to your pass year question and answer blog? I just register for the coming exam.

Thomas Sim Yan Sun said...

For those who are interested to join this study group, please go to



Unknown said...

Thanks for the informative blog.

I have a degree and working in the bank for years. I thought of studying at UCSI but i did not meet the entry requirement as i do not have working experience in real estate. They advise me to go for conventional way for self studying LPPEH. Is there any other college or agency that offer the course without any working experience in real estate?

I am pretty weak in studying laws. Is there any maximum attempt to pass the subjects?

Kiya said...

hi Thomas, I would like to join the study group... how to join ya?

Kiya said...

hi Thomas, I would like to join the study group... how to join ya?

[x] said...

Hi Thomas,
Could you please allow me to visit your property1 blogspot?
for part 1 candidate.

My email address is

I appreciate all the info given here. THANKS!

JAYDEN YAP said...

Hi Thomas , i have passed 5 subjects in part 1 last year and now working on the 1 remaining law subjects , can i be included in your whatsapp study group please thank you . 0129216372 .
Jayden Yap


Unknown said...

I want to start my journey to get my diploma by self study.
Can u guide me further? My contact 0122827766

Unknown said...

hi thomas, is there any other way to access to past exams' answers since the private blog's access is already maxed up? im zammy from kl & my number is 0162052445

Daniel Silva said...

Will know everything about Law: areas of action, what you learn in the course and what it takes to graduate successfully in the area. Veja Aqui

Unknown said...

Hi Thomas!
Can u invite me to your blog?
011 35898189
FB page:Mr Wayne

Unknown said...

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