Saturday, December 12, 2009

MICTM Progress Information


The two years AeU programme consists of core and option papers with the specialisation areas. Please refer to AeU website for more information.

1. ICT Management (CIM600)*
2. Cyber Laws (CCL604)*
3. ICT Entrepreneurship (CCL610)*
4. System Analysis, Design & Development (CAD630)*
5. Network Management (CNM640)*
6. ICT Project Management (CPM650)*
7. Information Security Management (CSM660)*
8. ICT Strategic Planning (CSP670)*
9. ICT Governance (CIG680)*
10.Research Methodology for IT (CRM690)*

11. Project Paper (CPM698) Small Research Project 6 credit points*

* Marked as Taken


A) Project Management
1. Project Planning, Scheduling and Control (CPS605)
2. Strategic and Organizational Planning for Project Management (CSP606)
3. Managing Project Quality and Risks (CQR607)
4. Leadership and Communication in Project Management (CLC608)
B) Knowledge Management
1. Knowledge Management in Organisation (CKO613)
2. Knowledge Management Systems Implementation (CKS615)
3. Knowledge Assets Assessment and Audit (CKA616)
4. Foundation of Knowledge Management (SKM614)
C) Information Security
1. Cryptography (CSC610)*
2. Telecommunications, Network and Internet Security (CTS609)*
3. Application Development Security (CAS611)*
4. Operations and Physical Security (COP612)*
D) ICT Entrepreneurship
1. Intellectual Property and Commercialization (CIP601)
2. Managing Technology in Entrepreneurship (CMT602)
3. Technology Innovation Management (CTI603)
4. Entrepreneurship Business Plan Development (CBP604)
E) Business Continuity Management
1. Fundamental of Business Continuity Management (CBC617)
2. Risk Assessment Management (CRA618)
3. Recovery Strategy & Plan Development (CRS620)

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