Monday, January 29, 2018

Moving from Blogger to WordPress!

Dear all,

Thank you for following me all this while!

It has been half a year that my blog - can no longer allow increase in readership! On this issue, I consulted some IT people, and most of them suggested me to move over to own hosting.

So, finally, I decided to host it myself. Paying for the domain and hosting server annual fees.

Anyway, for scalability and future development to a Full E-Learning Support Portal, I need to step out and do it!

Of all the troubles, the most teething issue is the links. This means when I move from Blogger to WordPress the links in my articles are still routing back to blogger sub-domain. Although I have done most of the customization, the links still cannot be changed.

Therefore, I will manually make changes, and at the same time try to start making concise E-Book of my Blog. This will essentially take more than 6 months, if not longer. All that will depend on the result which is going to be announced soon.

At this juncture, please try out my new website which is incorporated with Member Restriction features. Those who are keen to pursue the examination can consider signing up for the Paid Membership.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Thomas Sim

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