The Purpose -An Attempt to be REAL!

An attempt to be REAL! 19.Oct.2013.

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Welcome to justLetak! my personal blog with links to realTanah (now, "MY-RealProperty1")! My-RealProperty1 & 2 are blogs for those studying for The Estate Agent Examination in Malaysia. Nonetheless, if you are Property Investor, Enthusiasts, Buyers, Traders or Negotiators I hope you will find this blog useful too!

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I have passed Part 2 (6/6) of the Estate Agent Examination, Malaysia. I can share my experiences with you. If you are interested to study together, do drop me an email, I can guide you free of charge. Why? It is my aspiration that everyone should be given a chance to learn, and practice the knowledge acquired. Studying for LPPEH Estate Agent Examination can truly allow that to happen.

This is my beginner's attempt of Estate Agent's Written Examination in Malaysia indeed! My recent search in desperation to gather material to study for the written Estate Agent Examination by The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents, Malaysia - BOVAEA - Lembaga Penilai, Pentaksir dan Ejen Harta Tanah, - LPPEH (, ended up in vain.

It is unlike professional examinations ACCA, CIMA, ICSA or LLB, books and reference materials for Estate Agent Examination are scattered or hardly to be found in bookstore. This is probably a demand supply issue. In the myriad of courses, nobody is interested or keen enough to produce this type of books.

As a matter of fact, there is no single source of material for a wide and diverse field which covers Finance, Economics, Marketing, Property Tax, Land Law, Agency Practice and Construction. The study of which would require knowledge of various fields and professional backgrounds. For example, studying for land law would probably be a part of studying for LLB or surveying. This is a professional study and unless you are reading law, you would not likely take up Land Law. Furthermore, the fact that dealing in land is very much limited to big corporation or developers with land banks, the likelihood of one coming close Land Law in real life is very rare. Of course, unless you have land and forced to deal with it when the Government is eyeing it under Land Acquisition Act, 1960!

Moreover, university studies are more focused on Commerce, Marketing & Business or Engineering that is required by the job market. These are never specific degrees for a specific job. The reason is to produce graduates who can go for all types of jobs. It is not like Estate Agent Examination which is specific for the function of an Estate Agent. Specific materials related to Estate Agency is scarce or far in between. Thus, there is very limited books written on as reference for "Estate Agent Examination". I bet you cannot find a book which is written 80% close to be a text book for studying this Board Examination.

Why isn't there any "Text Book" or a set of "Idiot Guides"?

The simple reason is that nobody is yet focus enough to write a book on this specific topic. Probably someone has thought about it, but unless that person is also sitting for the examination, it is hard to come close to the feeling of being time tight for the examination. It is this feeling that poise me to start thinking of  a one stop centre for a purpose - to sit for the examination. Subsequently, I suppose it could also provide guidance to property buyers, developers or sellers. This special niche area is still new. The newbies are not experienced enough to write the "Text Book", so I would call it "Kampung Guide".


There is no market in writing this book as nobody would use this book because it is better to leave the issues to the "experts of their fields". Meaning - Lawyers to do the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA), Valuers to do valuation of property, Engineers to do the construction. Do not get into troubles! Ghosh! it is a very complex issue and there is no place for a lay person in this convoluted area of laws and regulations. This may be true but even though medicine is a very personal and complicated matter, there are still books for layman to read. So, I do not really believe this holds water.

My answer:

I tend to believe the former is true, and we are at an early stage to witness a renaissance in knowledge of real estate that a normal person on the street can be proficient enough in property investing and its regulations. Hence, my very daring attempt to gather information to come out with something like a series of "Kampung Guides" for studying Estate Agent's Written Examination in Malaysia!

Fundamental changes of investment also influenced us to not restrict our common investments in "savings accounts" only. This gradual evolution to investing into mutual funds, bonds and other financial instruments have impacted us on investment into properties. Thus far, property not only presents itself as a need to have a shelter, but also an attractive instrument to hedge against inflation amidst an ever scarcity of land as a resource.

All the above, very much in a nutshell is the reason I come on board to produce a concise summary to study the Estate Agent Examination conducted by LPPEH.

Over and above, there is a need to disclaim that I am a newbie and NOT a Registered Estate Agent! Thus, the information and materials published here are for pure academic and interest discussion only, and does not intend to create, does not create, and may not be relied upon to create a preference, substantive or procedural, in any dealings, or coming to a binding contract, by any party in any matter civil or criminal.

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