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Standard Email to interested candidates (last updated 29.01.2018)

Dear visitor,

Thank you for your interest in my work.

14 Mar, 2018
I have resumed website The links in Past Year Questions have been corrected.

10 Feb, 2018
***Due to circumstances at hand, I cannot continue my-realproperty1 & 2 for self study of Estate Agent Exam!!! has limit of 100 readership to a private blog. We have as of 11.06.2017 hit 115 members in our group and Blogger can no more allow any new reader to my-realproperty1. I have migrate to my new MEMBERSHIP SITE at the above DOMAIN (as of 29.01.2018).

Total of Postings:

My-RealProperty1 - 767 (16.10.2017)
My-RealProperty2 - 589 (23.09.2017)
Total = 1,356

Good day to you! Thank you for your interest in my work.

Actually, the way to study for the Estate Agent Examination by LPPEH is to do the past years. However, a big challenge is that there is no model answers. This, a lot of people pay to go for classes at RM5k per part, ie RM10k for the two parts. Despite, the classes do not guarantee passes. Nevertheless, it is at least a starting point. Anyway, I have not taken any classes so I cannot comment. My method is Q&A and I find it effective in all my exams.

I have a question bank of 7 years from 2011 to 2017. In fact, as some answers are related, I have linked them together on the same interface. There are potential topics that are possible as exam questions, so these are created as questions with answers too.

Hence, My-RealProperty1 has more than 315 past year questions and answers. 315 is the number for Past Year question for 6 papers from 2011-2017 (7 years). 

As some papers are of 8 Questions (3 hours paper) some 7 Questions (2 hours paper), one year question is 3 x 8 + 3 x 7 = 45.

Part 1 Questions for 7 years:- 
45 x 7 = 315. 

Part 2 Questions for 7 years:-
4 x 8 + 2 x 7 = 46 (per year), 7 years is 322.

I have now (23 Sept, 2017) completed Part 1&2 past year questions 2011-2017 minus Accounting paper (which is D01 in Part 1).

We have a mix of people including:
Lawyer, Engineer (Civil, Oil & Gas, Electrical & Mechanical), Finance and Banker, HR Professional, Real Estate Negotiators, Licensed Auctioneer, Marketer in Developer Office, Marketer for shopping mall, Event Manager, Palm Oil Trader, Hedge Fund Manager, Self-employed and even housewife and myself in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

E-learning has no barrier! You can learn whatever, whenever and however you want with us! And, all the above at no charge to you, totally FOC!

I currently have 26 candidates ~ actively pursuing the examination, on this system (Jul, 2017) and we are at the same time learning together.

They are in mainly KL (more than 10), 3 in Penang, 3 in Johore, 3 in KK, 2 in Kuching and 1 in Kuantan. If you want reference from them, let me know.

Below are the best results among the members of our group. 6/6 (1 attempt) means having passed all subjects in 1 attempt. 1 (2016) means 1 person among our group passed in 2016 exam. Split attempt means not taking all 6 subjects in the exam.

Results: Part I
6/6 (1 attempt) - 3 (2017 exam)
6/6 (1 attempt) - 1 (2016)
5/6 (1 attempt) - 2 (2015 & 2016)
4/4, 2/2 (split attempt) - 1 (2015 & 2016)
4/6 (many)
4/6 (2014 Acc, Eco, Mkt & BT1), 1/2 (2015 Tax) & 1/1 (2016 Law) - My result.

Results: Part II
6/6 (1 attempt) - 2 (2017 exam)
6/6 (1 attempt) - 1 (2016 exam)

Names are as below:

2007 Exam Results:
Top performers were:
Part I
1. Arv #6/6
2. ChinPH #6/6
2. KieraW #6/6
3. SawCS #6/6
4. OngTY #4/4
5. BushW #3/3
6. CatherineK #2/2
7. TerenceC #2/2
8. GarryL #1/1
9. JaydenY # 1/1
10. JoannaW #1/1
11. LeongHL #1/1
12. ChengGN #5/5 (1*)
13. DannyW #5/6
14. LimJY #4/6
15. SawGK #4/6
16. TayCS #4/5 (1*)

* Absence

Part II
1. BenC #6/6
2. ThomasSim #6/6

As of 2018 Feb, more than 10 are in Part 2 and 5 are embarking the journey as PEA.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Sim Yan Sun, PEA2066
BSc(Hons) Clin Biochem (UKM), ICSA (MAICSA), MICTM (AeU), Dip Estate Agency (BOVEAP)
My-RealProperty1 (limit reached by Blogger on 11.06.2017)
My-RealProperty2 (No more)
justProperty1 (mirror)
justProperty2 (mirror)


PlaYfIsH said...

Hi, can I get more details on how to start and complete the course of Estate Agent? 0109345327 Joanna

Khalil Yusuf said...

hai too in searching for detail... khal 0126843836

Sim Kim Leng said...

Hi Sir,

Kindly add me in your study group. 0194326887 SIM

Azwan Mahmud @ samuraijack said...


Can you include me in the group, 0133360458


yoey said...

Add me too 019-3692587

Chewy said...

Hey There, It would help my progress tremendously if you add me into your groups!
016-6091010 Sam
if possible please make me your reader, my email is

Thanks in advance!

KV Properties said...

Hi There,

Can you include me in the group and the procedure to proceed part 1 ?

012-324 2272

Z Tamim said...

Hey there,

Please add my number 01111488208.

Thomas Sim Yan Sun said...

Dear All,

A warm welcome to you and thanks for giving your comment in my blog.

Please proceed to the questionnaire page and kindly feedback to me, I will assign you to read my blogs my-realproperty1 & 2.

Thank you.


Sook Yee said...


Can you include me in your group, my number is 0122608585.

Thank you.

Lee Fong Au said...


Can you include me in the group, 0178811988


Sharmeela Sukumaran said...

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cs tay said...

include me. 0166680578

Alfareez Ismail said...

Count me in...01111935324

小苹果8899 said...

Hi Thomas , i have passed 3 subjects in part 1 last year and now working on the 3 remaining subjects , can i be included in your whatsapp study group please thank you . 0164043288 .
Btw i'm also from pharma =D

Alex lee said...

Hi Thomas , please add me in group - 0143380238

小迷糊 said...

Hi Thomas, can you add me in the group - 0173313992.

JAYDEN YAP said...

Hi Thomas , i have passed 5 subjects in part 1 last year and now working on the 1 remaining law subjects , can i be included in your whatsapp study group please thank you . 0129216372 .
Jayden Yap


Thomas Sim Yan Sun said...

Dear all,

Please proceed to the section on 'To Sign Up' if you want to be included in this study group. I would not response to any request from this comment section.

Thank you.


hahahaha said...

Property agent is Property Agency where you can recruit property negotiator to sell property?

hahahaha said...

Property agent is Property Agency where you can recruit property negotiator to sell property?

alvinchua said...

Hi Thomas, i have been working as Real Estate Negotiator for 3 years in Sabah KK, i want to pursue my real eatate agent license but i found that there is no school that i can attend in kk, i found your blog and it bring hopes to me because there is another way (self study) to achieve my goal. Hope you can add me in your group(if you still doing this) or add us into facebook group (i think it can add more than 100 peoples and can share any info there). Hope can keep in touch with u thru email or whatsapp. Thank you. 013-8677 776 or email:

Puchong RealEstate said...

Hi Thomas,
Plan to take Part 1 Real Estate Exam Next year.
Please include me in your study group.

mubashir hasan said...

thanks for the share this informative and interesting article with us
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Png Cheong Wei said...
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